It takes a great deal of courage to recognise and acknowledge to ourselves that we are suffering and struggling to cope with life. The next courageous step is to accept that we need help, that we want to get better, and then to reach out for that help and support. Please be assured that by browsing this website you are taking the first tentative steps on your road to recovery.

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…” Laozi

Most of us remain hidden to ourselves going through our lives as if we are asleep on automation enduring rather than living. Aware that at the core of our being something is not right and that there must be more to life than this. However, often it is a crisis, a major life change or a worsening of our symptoms that leads us to counselling and psychotherapy. Examples include: –

• Anxiety & depression
• Stress
• Obsessive behaviour
• Phobias
• Illness
• Relationship issues
• Low self esteem and confidence
• Bereavement
• Post traumatic stress
• Self harm
• Childhood abuse
• Addiction
• Feelings of emptiness, loss of purpose, direction & meaning
• Redundancy
• Mid life crisis
• Divorce
• Coping with getting older & end of life

I am qualified as a Psychosynthesis psychotherapeutic counsellor and provide counselling and psychotherapy. I know from personal experience and working with many clients that when we seek help we are often at our most vulnerable. So it is vitally important that you feel and are safe and secure. If you decide to come to see me I promise to welcome you with an open mind and heart and to provide an environment that is warm (literally in the winter as you will often find yourself sitting beside an open fire!), empathic, compassionate, non judgmental and totally confidential. I will accept you as you are without criticism or judgment as a fellow human being who is doing the best that they can. As someone who wants to be more able to cope with life’s challenges and to find inner peace and happiness.

If you would like to find out more how I might be able to help you then please contact either on 0754 5503974 or e-mail jane@solentcounselling.com

All enquiries are treated in strictest confidence.

Covering Lee on the Solent, Gosport, Fareham, Portsmouth, Locksheath, Southampton.